Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Herpes and children


I have been infected with HSV I and II for 7 years. Since 2 years I take acyclovir daily to suppress outbreaks. The top of my 'apparatus' is reddish, but as long as I take the acyclovir there are no outbreaks (a far as I know, the difference between 'yes' and 'no' outbreak has faded over the years). Since 2 years I have a relation with a woman who did not have HSV before we were together. She knows I have it and we use condoms while having sex.

I have some technical questions about herpes that someone may be able to answer. My doctor does not seem to be really up-to-date on this matter.

-Before I took the acyclovir, my legs and arms were constantly really itchy all over. Sometimes, grouped spots/blobs (also itchy) appeared on my arms and legs. Could this be related to herpes? Since I have been taking acyclovir, the itchiness is gone.

-Does anybody know of side-effects of acyclovir, es! pecially in the long run? Is it safe to take acyclovir for such a long period?

-We want to have a baby. If my girlfriend has herpes I and/or II,  what are the risks for the baby to get it, and what if the baby does get it?

-Can we avoid the baby to get herpes?

-In one of the postings, I read that the chance for a woman to get herpes is 10-15 % when having sex with an infected man for one year (=how many times sex?) - while refraining from sex during known outbreaks. Is the 10-15 % due to 'unknown' outbreaks, or is there a chance of getting it while there is no outbreak?

Sorry if these questions were answered before, I have only been able to read the messages of the last 2 months.



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