Sunday, March 26, 2006


when to take amino acids - ?

  Hi,       I've just got some amino acid supplements in the belief that i will get some beneficial albeit small results from them - yes i know they are expensive and therefore i wish to know the best time to take them...........i have purchased the twinlab chewable wafers - it says on the side you can take them any time but i was led to believe from reading several articles that you have to take them on an empty stomach an hour before excercise/food with a littlewater / apple juice or something.   Also, i am taking only 3 a day which will give about 10 g of high quality aminos on top of the diet i have already - do i take them individually - one in the morning, midday, evening? or all together at once?   there are several opinions on this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Btw, twinlab vitamin/mineral supplements - does 1 a day really work?   I hav! e always been used to taking 3 tablets a day with the idea that   i will absorb more......i have the 2 coloured vitamin/mineral tablets - i can't get anyother that i think are any good - i have tried solgar and cybergenics vitamins - what do you think of these....  I am not looking for wonder pills (there are none), just some simple advice.

 Si Roper  

 "Intense excercise, proper form, plenty of rest  and a sensible diet are the    foundations of a great body"

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