Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ant poison recipe

I was cleaning out one of my back rooms and found a book I'd bought a few years ago called DEPRESSION ERA RECIPES.

Among the ones for stuffed calf's heart, elderberry blossom wine (shades of arsenic and old lace), spoon bread, Helen's Take-Forever coffee, and corn pone, I found one for ant poison.  Here goes:

Dissolve one pound of sugar in one quart of water.  Add 125 grains of arsenate of soda (10 cents worth).  Boil, strain, and cool.  Add a few drops honey. Saturate small sponges in this syrup and place where the ants can have ready access to them.  

I must say this book is fascinating with other miscellaneous recipes for wrinkle cream of white wax, strained honey, and lily bulb juice and a product called Odo-Ro-No that would stop "armhole odor."  

There is also a list of good tips for newlyweds.  Remember now this was about the depression e! ra so take that into account.  Here is one that might interest you married ladies:   Husbands should see that their wives get plenty of entertainment.  They should take them to movies, for auto rides, walks and swims, or whatever the wife likes.

There are also 10 commandments which wives make for their husbands which I found even applicable to today's marriages.  Anyway, I hope the ant poison recipe helps.  


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