Friday, May 26, 2006


The Botox Face-Lift

From the new book "Age-Less" by Fredric Brandt, M.D., pp. 84 ff.

The Botox Face-Lift

"One of the most exciting uses of Botox is one I pioneered in 1997, when I discovered that by injecting Botox into the cords of a patient's neck, I could get results that resembled those from a face-lift.  Allow me to explain.  A face-lift, despite its name, treats conditions that are exclusive to the lower half of the face, such as loose skin on the cheeks, a softened jawline, thickened neck bands, and a crinkled neck.  Those who have a significant amount of sagging fat in the face and neck would get great results from a face-lift, not for people who aren't yet at such an advanced stage of aging.  For them, Botox in the neck would be the procedure of choice.

This use of Botox is so instantly and dramatically effective that you truly have to see it to believe it. A few quick injec! tions of Botox in the cords of the neck, and presto, the bands in the neck become less prominent, the lines there disappear, the jowls are diminished, and even the outer corners of the mouth get picked up slightly.  Another plus:  there's practically no pain associated with injecting the neck.  It's a wonderfully satisfying way to use Botox, and patients, even those who are initially skeptical about treating the neck, are thrilled with the results.  I must stress, however, that because the muscles on the lower half of the face are not as clearly defined as those on the upper part of the face, it might be difficult for an inexperienced practitioner to deliver good results in this area.

Nothing will stop aging permanently, not even plastic surgery, so it's not uncommon for me to see patients who've already had a face-lift (or two) and would like to get a slight lift without having to undergo surgery again. When they hear that Botox will sa! ve them another trip to the plastic surgeon's office, they're very re lieved.  They're also being smart.  Constantly pulling the face back will not make you look any younger and will only give you that dreaded wind-tunnel effect. (You know the look. It's the one that keeps people whispering after the person has left the room.)"

Botox treatment can make wrinkles and frown lines disappear easily without the need of invasive procedures.
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