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How to Fast

HOW TO FAST ;) How to fast for wight loss, ana fasting, healing the body, body cleaning...etc...

The fasting person eats absolutely nothing, even in form of substances solved in water (sugar, honey, coffee, tea, fruit). Also no juice drink is recommended (otherwise it will be a liquidarian diet). During fasting distiled or demineralized water is preferred. It is important to know, that adding any substances to the drinking water (e.g. a few drops of lemon juice, just for taste) will disturb the organism and the fasting process therefore causing less efficiency of the healing fasting. Actually when (during fasting) the organism receives anything more then just water, it is not fasting any more. Instead, it is under a hunger diet (which in some rare cases sometimes can be useful). The ordinary fasting lasts from 1 day to a few months. This mostly depends on amount of accumulated (mainly under the sk! in) fat. In average, for losing (burning) 1 kilogram of fat, one needs to fast from 2 to 4 days. So, if one is 20 kg overweight, he/she can prolong the fasting by 40 to 80 days. The main heal fasting takes from 1 to 40 days. Generally, the longer the fasting the better the results. In most non-overweight cases fasting shorter then 2 weeks may not give lasing results. In case of an overweight person, more time for losing (burning) the excess weight should be added to the main heal fasting time.

If you've never fasted, it is better to first exercise. Your first fasting can be done at any time, make it just for 24 hours. After a week o so, you can fast for 3 days and nights. Next fasting, after taking a break for some time, can last for 5 days and nights or for a week. Later, having already so much self-confidence and experience, you can easily fast for 10 days or (better) for 2 weeks. Having experienced fasting for 2 weeks, you can easily and confidently fast! for a few weeks. From a biological point of view, for the average (n ot under- and not over-weight) person, 40 days fast often causes miracles. It deeply biologically rejuvenates the organism (it's visually and clinically proved fact), eliminates almost all diseases (some illnesses like old cancer needs 2 or 3 fasts), removes wrinkles, and makes the hair to darken and/or grow anew, not to mention advantages resulting from the lost of excess fat. People experiencing healing fasts excitingly talk about many psychological and physical benefits. "I've never in my life felt so good?, "If one doesn't experience it, one can't say truly what good health is, even if he/she was never suffering from any illness? ? these and similar expressions are stated.

There is one serious danger of fasting, which can make the body to stop functioning (die) ? fear. The social suggestion, in which we are educated, deep-rooted in the human subconsciousness the conviction (program), that the human being has to eat well, that fasting is too dang! erous and killing the body. Well, if you believe it, don't fast longer then just a few days at first, because it is quite possible, that because of the fear, your body will stop working right and may even die. First exercise, 24 hours, 2 days, 3, 5, 7, 10 days and so on, until you experience enough, that such rooted belief is based on misunderstandings concerning functioning of the human organism.

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