Friday, June 09, 2006


How I succesfully dealt with chronic herpes

One major factor causal of chronic herpes is high levels of cortisol in the body.

The best way to cope when predisposed to such a hormonal imbalance is to visualise and mentally try to help the body to lower its cortisol levels.

You can do this by repeating a few times, this mantra:

"I am now a little stressed and my cortisol level should decrease by calming myself down. Cortisol level needs to go down and that would make me healthier at would keep herpes activity at bay. I feel calm and the cortisol level is decreasing. There is now a balanced hormonal level in my body."

On top of these, I've discovered that eating oats (rolled oats, I usually poor some in hot milk) by whatever means, tends to help my body staying virus-free. I've discovered the oats about a year ago, reading a book called: 'The complete guide to nutritional health" More than 600 foods and recipes for over! coming illness and boosting your immunity' by Pierre Jean Cousin and Kirsten Hartvig

Perl von Molson


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